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March, 2017


Lau/Mbaelelea students acknowledge MP

STUDENTS from Lau-Mbaelelea constituency, North Malaita, acknowledge their Member of Parliament Augustine Auga for supporting them in their education. Former principal of the Adaua PSS Mr David Rilaua, who is now attending Solomon Islands National University, onbealf of the Lau/Mbaelelea students said the students are very to pleased to have such an honourable that has great concern for the education of students in his constituency. He also attributes much of the constituency’s bright future prospects on Hon Auga’s wisdom and vision. Most of the students of Hon Auga’s constituency had noRead More

MASI endorses SINU plans to expand media training    

THE Media Association Solomon Islands (MASI) has committed to a partnership with SINU to help improve media standards across the Solomon Islands. The President of MASI, Mr Leni Dalavera, who also works for SIBC, believes this is an important step for media in the Solomon Islands as the industry works to lift its standards. “It is a very important initiative for the people of the Solomon Islands as the media belongs to the people, and it is important that the media have the highest standards of training and ethics asRead More

RAMSI exit will have ‘minimal’ impact on Solomon Islands economy  

FOLLOWING separate internal reviews, both the Solomon Islands Government and Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) are confident that RAMSI’s exit on June 30 this year will have very little impact on the Solomon Islands economy. Today, RAMSI is solely a police assistance mission whose staff live without their families on the RAMSI base in East Honiara and the base is self-sufficient in terms of food, electricity, water, office space and transport. Only a very small number of RAMSI’s senior officers live with their families in rented accommodation outsideRead More

RSIPF community policing, crime prevention model suitable for SI: Sofu

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Community Policing and Crime Prevention Model has been developed in close consultation with a broad range of stakeholders and within the context of the Solomon Islands ‘environment’. Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional Services, Hon Stanley Festus Sofu made this explanation in Parliament yesterday in response to a question by the Leader of the Independent Group, Hon Derek Sikua about the relevance of the model to Solomon Islands. “The model is based on a foundation of respect for our customs and cultures andRead More

ANALYSIS: Why Prime Minister Sogavare defies Caucus resolution in personally appointing his nephew as his Chief of Staff

THE revelation that Prime Minister Sogavare personally had a hand in the appointment of Robson Tana, his nephew, as Chief of Staff, in defiance of the decision by Caucus to abolish the position, raises more questions than it answers. It easily passes for nepotism. But is it? The Chief of Staff is really just a part of a much larger scheme involving largely lawyers. How the appointment was handled speaks of some underlying problems the boss faces in running a Coalition that seems to have run out of steam, policyRead More

An effort to aid the restoration of the Panueli health clinic  

DEAR EDITOR, I thank you for publishing my letter concerning the reported run down state of the Panueli Health Clinic on Savo Island and highlighting the fact that up to 4000 people are going without medical attention and services as a consequence of the condition of the only health facility. As in the case of the derelict Tatamba Rural Health Clinic in Isabel Province, I have written to the Government of Canada to see if funds could be made available by way of a project grant from the ‘Canada Fund’Read More

EASI disassociates from the Treasure Hunt claim

DEAR EDITOR, I refer to your article entitled, ‘Does treasure hunt hold the secret for balancing the 2017 budget?’ that appeared on Tuesday March 28, 2017 issue. The article authored by Mr Alfred Sasako, claimed, in paragraph 23, that the Economic Association of Solomon Islands (EASI) was a party to signing a so-called final legal paper to end the case of locally owned Capital Investment Funds. The author claimed to have received a text message from an unknown person. The claim is false and sensational and EASI strongly asserts toRead More

Solomon time

DEAR EDITOR, as a student and a concerned citizen of Solomon Islands, I was apprehensive to see Solomon time as part of our modern Solomon Islands. Most people in our country did not consider time as very important in relation to their work. I want to urge Solomon islanders to refrain from the attitude of lateness to work places. Solomon time is not a nature for, increase production of goods and services. This will continue to hinder perfect services that need to be produced. This problem of time mismanagement underminesRead More

West Kwara’ae MP – call for transparency & accountability

DEAR EDITOR, now and then some of the MPs are treading in the right direction. You’ll read in the papers MPs would outline their Constituency Annual Reports on how they expended all funds under their disposal either directly or indirectly via line ministries, and Annual Work Plans for the new year. This ultimately manifests transparency and accountability – pillars of good governance. But where is the rest? Is there anything to hide from the public domain? Since coming into power, the MP for West Kwaraáe (WK) seems to live inRead More

Sumitomo donates shredding machine to HCC

HONIARA City Council now has a shredding plant which turns organic waste to compost. Sumitomo SMM Ltd handed the machine over to the council on Wednesday. The shredder will be planted at the Ranadi landfill site, where it will be fed organic waste brought from the town’s garbage and turn them into useful compost. The equipment is worth SBD$382,000 and is hailed as a milestone for the HCC. Sumitomo’s representative Mr Ken Magusa said they believe the support given will benefit HCC through processing rubbish from the central market whichRead More