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2016 Bad academic year for Biulah PSS

Minister of Education for the Western Provincial Government Hon John Hopa

WESTERN Province Minister of Education Hon John Hopa said their division cannot deny that 2016 has been a very bad academic year for Biulah Provincial Secondary School (PSS).

This is in terms of its performances which reflected in the national examination result scores of the students.

According to the minister, the examination results were as follows; Form Three student’s scores ranged from 148 to 224 out of the total score of 400.

Twenty-three students out of the total of thirty-one who sat for the Form Three national examination were selected for Form Four in various schools. This is about 74 percent of the class.

Form Five scores ranges were from 116 to 352 out of the total score of 600.

Only one student out of the 54 enrolled for the national examination was selected for Form Six. This is only 1.8 percent of the Form Five class.

Form six scores ranged from Aggregate 13 to 27. No student was selected because the cut off mark was aggregate 12. This is 0 percent from the school’s Form Six class.

“This is indeed a sad result for the Western Province premier school,” said the Minister of Education.

“Without pointing fingers to anybody, I would like to highlight factors that contributed to the poor performances by the students,” he said.

Hon Hopa explained that Biulah PSS was condemned for closure as recommended by the Environment Health Division in November 2015.

This was because the school’s environment in terms of infrastructures and other areas posed a health hazard being unsafe for humans.

“Such situation faced is due to the negligence by past successive provincial governments.

“Classes were only allowed to continue after our division made a good negotiation with the Environment Health Division in giving assurance that drastic measures will be taken to improve student dormitories, staff houses and other infrastructures,” he said.

Currently, renovations have already been initiated under the Ministry of Education to improve the infrastructures of the school. Work is also on progress for the school’s new Hydro Power source.

Hon Hopa said it is now his ministry’s goal to further develop Biulah PSS so that it will re-produce excellent results that the school was once well known for.

“The school’s national examination results last year being highly publicised in social media had resulted in massive transfers of good students this year,” said the minister.

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